Violinmakers have been interested for a very long time in obtaining the best sound each violin can offer.Makers have experiment with the Bridge,Soundpost,Strings,etc...for sound improvements.However one very important accessory has gone untouched in this experimentation process.The Tailpiece is this accessory.He is attached directly to the String and vibrates when the string does.What would happen if different wood where used? Which wood carries the sound vibration the best,while at the same time retaining strength against breaking?What happens if that ideal wood is used in differing weights which also effects the vibration?
We at Storioni Co.have spent 10 years experimenting with these ideas and we are very proud of the results.
With continued comparisons directly by each musician using "Pernambuco wood" against other traditional woods we are proud to say we have a 98% sucess in the changed and improved sound of the instrument.
Every musician and artist are looking for a sound that is full,but still retaining a quick and easy response.With a Pernambuco Tailpiece you can immediately hear,and feel,an immediate improvement.The sound becomes stronger and more full as well as more clear.The feel is more rapid and responsive.It is easier to create differing sound,colors and textures.Every one has found something more from their own instrument that has surprised each player.Also for cellists with problem "wolf"notes the Pernambuco Tailpiece has helped lessen this problematic sound.
Our research began with the Tailpiece as the vibrating string is attached directly here.After this we continued with the Endbutton/Endpin which is also attached to the strings through the Tailpiece.
Following this we then went to the Pegs with the same idea of a continuous vibration.Finally we including the Chinrest.Each additionalaccessory goes toward a complation of a continuous vibration circle.
We have been so greatly encouraged by the positive reaction our customers we have decided to put those accessories on the market for all musicians to appreciate and enjoy.
Try them now and you can hear the results.


Cello Tailpiece



Cello Endpin


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