One of my principles is “Every problem has a solution”. A sound created and desired from a combination of a performer, a playing style, an instrument, and a bow is completely unique to me, and so is the tuning and the services I provide. Even after 44 years of my profession as a Luthier, I still strive to offer the best solution to my customers.

Jérôme Dariel,
Representative Manager at Storioni

DEC 1991
Established Jérôme Dariel Co. YK at Meiji-dori, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
APR 1997
The company name was changed to Storioni YK
APR 1999
Relocated to Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
MAY 2006
Enrolled as a dedicated atelier of performers during LA FOLLE JOURNEE, until now.

At the Recife festival in Brazil. Performed by a soloist, M Gilson Silva with the violin made by Jérôme Dariel and the bow made by M Henry Guerra.